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Recover design file from sw9088iis


I work in a bar and we would like to adjust some of the processing done by our DSP (sw9088iis) however it was installed a longtime ago and no-one has the design file. If I connect to the device and load up the soundweb designer software will I be able to control it without having the design file? If not is it possible to recover the file from the device? All I can work out from the documentation is that it will appear in the "not found in design" column when I go online.

Thanks in advance,


  • AL.CraneAL.Crane Posts: 2

    As far as I'm aware, the 9088iis only receives/loads the configuration/design file and as such, it is not possible to retrieve the design file from the device. I'm not aware there the device has the capability to store the design file separately for a network recall, as is possible with later Soundweb London devices. I'm sorry this does not help your issue, and I hope I'm wrong. If this information is incorrect I sure someone will correct me, but I have programmed many 9088's in the past and I'm not aware of anyway to retrieve the configuration.

  • The Soundweb Designer file cannot be recovered because it is not stored in the device. Only the Configuration is stored in the device. The Configuration cannot be extracted from the device. You will need to create a new design if your file cannot be found.

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