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serial connection issue when soundweb started by double clicking .sdf file


My client has some soundweb devices ( I am not sure of the terminology) connected through serial. They have several PC's that were configured identically that have the soundweb software installed.

One one PC, when double clicking on an .sdf file, soundweb runs and is able to connect to the device connected on the serial port.

One another PC, soundweb runs when the file is double clicked, but the device cannot be connected. If soundweb is run through the start menu and then the .sdf file is loaded, the device can be found and connected.

On both PC's, the assoc and ftype commands show the same file associations for the .sdf files.

Any clues as to why one of them can't connect to a serial device when double clicking method is used?

We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the soundweb software.



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