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Support and Training information

Welcome to the BSS Audio User Groups.
Please note that these user groups are not a conduit to technical support.
While tech support staff might comment on the user groups from time to time, the user groups should never be considered as a point of contact with tech support nor a substitute for training.

BSS Audio Technical Support and Enquiries
For BSS Audio tech support, service and parts in the US call 800-931-2357 (US Mountain Time Mon-Thu 8:00-17:00, Fri 8:00-16:00)
or email tech support directly from the BSS Audio website here: bssaudio.com/support
No purchase is necessary to receive technical support or make enquiries.
In countries other than the US, you can also contact your local BSS Audio distributor for servicing, spare parts, training and tech support in your own country.

BSS Audio worldwide distributors - http://bssaudio.com/en-US/where_to_buy
Sales, spare parts and tech support in your own country.

BSS Audio website - http://bssaudio.com/en-US
Product information, downloads (spec sheets, images, guides), tech support, spare parts, servicing, training, software downloads, videos.

HiQnet Audio Architect website - http://audioarchitect.harmanpro.com/
Software downloads, information.

Soundweb London and Audio Architect Training

BSS Audio training - http://bssaudio.com/training/
YouTube videos and Online classes.

Harman Professional University - https://training.harmanpro.com/
Certified training
Navigate: Harman Course Catalog/ BSS Audio Signal Processors/ Certification and Classroom Courses/ Audio Programming
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