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Setup Guide - PC Control of the Omnidrive


PC Control of the Omnidrive

Using HiQnetTM London ArchitectTM to control the Omnidrive from a PC provides an easy to use and intuitive interface that can be fully

Before you begin make sure your computer is equipped with an RS232 serial port. Do not use a USB serial adapter as we have found their performance to be unreliable. If your computer does not have a serial port, there are several ways you can add one to your system. We recommend a PCMCIA serial card for laptops, or an Ethernet serial device server that can be used with any Ethernet enabled desktop, laptop or tablet PC. Follow the installation directions of the manufacturer and confirm proper operation before proceeding. Connection Connect a DB9 null modem cable between the RS232 serial port on the PC and the RS232 port on the Omnidrive.

Device Setup
You need to change some of the default options on the Omnidrive to
enable it to communicate through its serial port.
~ Press the Utils button to enter the Utilities menu
~ Use the Navipad to scroll through the menu options
~ Select MIDI Mode from the menu
~ Use the Rotary Encoder to change the value to PC Port
~ Select Serial Port from the menu
~ Use the Rotary Encoder to change the value to RS232

Software Setup
We need to enable the COM port within HiQnet London Architect for
the device to appear in the Network window.
~ Select Tools from the Main menu
~ Select Application Preferences from the Tools menu
~ Select the Serial tab
~ Only check the COM port(s) you will be using
~ Click OK
~ Restart HiQnet London Architect

You should now see the device listed in the Network window. You can add the device by using the ‘Auto-create design devices’ option from within the Network window, or you can drag the device from the Network window on to the Layout window. Once the device is displayed in the Layout window it should have a green ‘star’ icon displayed above the device indicating it is correctly associated with the device connected to the COM port. Press the ‘Online’ button to connect to the device.

HiQnet London Architect will display a warning about synchronizing. Synchronizing to an FDS device will erase all the programs currently programmed in the FDS device. Synchronizing from an FDS device will erase any programs already created in HiQnet London Architect. After pressing the OK button, you will see the Parameter Synchronization dialog box where you can choose to Receive Values (synchronize from) or Send Values (synchronize to). After making your selection you will see a progress bar that will turn green after completing. Press OK and you will see a status bar indicating that the software is subscribing to devices.

Double click the FDS device in the Layout window to open its Default Control Panel. You now have real time control of the FDS device from your PC.

>>>Click here to download the full application guide.<<<

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