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Setup Guide - Upgrading Omnidrive Firmware


Upgrading Omnidrive Firmware

Upgrading your OmnidriveTM will give you access to the NTMTM filters and allow control and monitoring through a PC running HiQnetTM London ArchitectTM .

Before you begin you will need a Windows PC, a Null Modem serial cable and the firmware installer from BSS Audio. Make sure your computer is equipped with an RS232 serial port. Do not use a USB serial adapter as we have found their performance to be unreliable. If your computer does not have a serial port, there are several ways you can add one to your system. We recommend a PCMCIA serial card for laptops, or an Ethernet serial device server that can be used with any Ethernet enabled desktop, laptop or tablet PC. Follow the installation directions of the manufacturer and confirm proper operation before proceeding. Connect a DB9 null modem cable between the RS232 serial port on the PC and the RS232 port on the FDS device.

Firmware upgrades are available for free; all you need is the serial number of your unit. You can usually find the serial number on the side of the unit. If you have multiple units, you only need one of the serial numbers. You can download the firmware upgrades from this website:

Once you register you will be sent an email with a link to download the firmware installer package. In the zip file you download you will find the firmware file, instructions and the 366load application. Please note that the FDS-336 and FDS-366 use different firmware. Please download the appropriate version for the device you have.

Device Setup
You need to change some of the default options on the Omnidrive to
enable it to communicate through its serial port.
~ Press the Utils button to enter the Utilities menu
~ Use the Navipad to scroll through the menu options
~ Select MIDI Mode from the menu
~ Use the Rotary Encoder to change the value to PC Port
~ Select Serial Port from the menu
~ Use the Rotary Encoder to change the value to RS232

Software Setup
Unzip the files to a new folder (e.g. c:\\firmware ) and launch the 366loader.exe. Click the Browse button and path to the folder where you unzipped the files. Select the file with the A21 file extension. Again make sure you are using the correct firmware for the device you are upgrading.

Next choose the COM port you are using on your PC to connect to the device. Leave Midi Channel set to all; this setting is only used when uploading to multiple devices connected together via MIDI. It is recommended that you upgrade each device individually for best results.

Press the GO button to start the file transfer. The LCD display on the front of the device will display information related to the file transfer. Once the file transfer is complete the device will reboot. After reboot the start-up screen on the device should display:
B0.1x Updated

If the unit Fails to Reboot at the end of Loading, DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER SUPPLY ON THE UNIT WHILE THE MESSAGE 'RUNNING LOADER' IS ON THE SCREEN, close down the Loader software in Windows and restart the load process.

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