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How do I link controls?


How do I link controls?

Often within a design you need controls from separate processing objects to operate as one control. To achieve this, controls are added to a Link Group. All controls that are part of a Link Group will change if any control of that Link Group is changed. There are two methods for creating a Link Group.

The first method requires that all the controls to be linked are on the same control panel.

First create a custom control panel. Copy all the controls you wish to link into this custom control panel. Select all the controls you wish to link on the custom control panel. Right click on any one of the highlighted controls and select Link Controls from the pop up menu.

This will open the Create Link dialog box. Here you can name the link and choose the link type.

The link types function in the following way:
Exact – Used for buttons or faders. All controls will have the same value.
Radio – Used for buttons. Only one control can be in the on state. When a control is turned on, all other controls in the group are set to off. One control in the group is always on.
Radio with off – Like Radio, but the active button can also be toggled off.
Soft – This type is used when linking faders, allowing them to retain a relative offset between faders.

The second method of linking controls involves creating an empty link first and adding controls to the group individually.

Select Panel from the Main Menu. Select Create Empty Link from the Panel menu. This will open the Create Link dialog box. Here you can name the link and choose the link type as described above.

Open the Design Tree and expand the Link category to see all the Link Groups in this design. To add controls to a Link Group, drag controls from a control panel onto the Link Group in the Design Tree.

As controls are added, they will be listed within the Link Group in the Design Tree.

Note: You can also click and drag the Link Group from the Design Tree and drop it on a control to add that control to the Link Group.

The third method is used when creating a link between a DSP object and a logic object. This is called a Logic Link.

To create a Logic Link, drag the DSP control from the objects default control panel and drop it on the logic processing object in the Logic Configuration window. For example you can drag a mute button and drop it on a Logic End processing object. The Logic Source, Logic Value and Logic End are examples of objects that may be linked in this manner.

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