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FDS 388 \"power failure\" problem

We've got 3 FDS-388's that still get used when the need arises. 2 have developed the same problem-- occassionally, a 'popup' window announces \"power failure, check fuses\". The fuses are fine. I've cleaned interior connections, checked cap condition (with a ESR cap tester), etc. Building power seems stable, and it happens with a variety of cabling & power sources.
After diddling jog wheel or switching between section readouts, the warning goes away, and unit continues functioning just fine until some random period later. I've left the unit running for days at a time without the failure screen popping up.
Anyone have any suggestions on where I ought to look?

Thanks for any help!
Kent Elliott


  • DreadDread Posts: 3
    Are You in the UK?
  • hchaudiohchaudio Posts: 3
    \Dread\ wrote:
    Are You in the UK?

    No, in the USA (Missouri).
    A little further info-- on one of the units, I removed the lid, and used a non-conductive probe to wiggle components around the fuse, power supply, card connectors, large components, and small stuff that didn't seem to be likely problems (looking for a cold solder joint or broken lead, etc.). I was not able to trigger the problem this way.
    Kent Elliott
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