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midi glitch issue

Hello there,

I have two fds366 units with upgrades to latest \"t\" firmware and a 336 minidrive, also with the latest firmware. I have noticed that the wiring on the rs232 ports are different between each 366 unit, which is referred to in the user manual as a change between older and newer units.

I have experienced a glitch when running a london architect controlled midi loop incorporating all 3 units, where everything will be fine for a time, then while adjusting something (eq, xover, etc) one of the 366t's would reset itself, as though it were unplugged briefly.

Could this be due to the wiring differences in the older and newer 366 internals? I realize that im only using one pc port so it shouldnt matter but... any ideas?


  • Dan LynchDan Lynch Posts: 472
    MIDI loops aren't supported when using London Architect. The fact that it works at all is more than I would expect.

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