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Using the BLU-101 & BLU-102


Using the BLU-101 & BLU-102

This design file for the SoundwebTM London BLU-101 & BLU-102 provides the functionality required for a typical conferencing system. This design utilizes Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Audio and Video Teleconferencing applications.

This system has the following features:
~ 18 Microphone inputs with Acoustic Echo Cancellation [AEC]
~ Stereo Line level input for multi-media
~ Stereo Line level input and output for external Video Conferencing [VTC]
~ Telephone Hybrid for analog phone interface [ATC]
~ Separate outputs for: Speakers, Record and the Assisted Listening System [ALS]
~ Separate signal paths for Dry and AEC microphones for voice lift applications

The BLU-102 is a very cost affective Digital Signal Processor for conferencing applications. The BLU-101 adds up to twelve more AEC inputs to our system. This file illustrates the correct method for processing the AEC and DRY microphone signals and how to correctly route their AEC reference. Each mixer [AEC & DRY] has 4 group outputs allowing greater flexibility for routing and grouping the these microphones.


>>>Click here to download the full PDF and template file.<<<

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