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FDS-366T & FDS334 via ethernet

I am trying to control my 366 & 334 via ethernet on London Arcitect, I purchased a Kramer FC-10ETH but can not have LA see it as an assigned device. Any help would be apriciated.

I installed the software that came with the device, and have it configured and am able to see the Kramer device. I have set the baud rate at 19200 and parity at \"none\".

Is there anything in LA that i need to do to see the devices?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


  • Dan LynchDan Lynch Posts: 472
    In London Architect, click on TOOLS \\ APPLICATION PREFERENCES. Select the SERIAL tab. Turn on the serial port.

  • bsmcambsmcam Posts: 13
    Thank you for the reply Dan, I did this and I have been able to see the devices in LA now, but when I go online or sync it hangs up and tells me \"operation timed out\"

    Any ideas?

    thanks again
  • Dan LynchDan Lynch Posts: 472
    That would be a comms problem. Update your drivers, double check your baud rate, etc.

  • bsmcambsmcam Posts: 13
    Dan I have tried all of the above with no luck, any other ideas I can try??
  • bsmcambsmcam Posts: 13
    Dan I finally have an update, with all of the same settings the FDS-336 is connecting and functioning correctly. The FDS-366T is still going into the \"operation timed out\" error. I have done the obvious, swapping cables, changing the midi channel, etc... are there any ideas you can suggest?

    Forgot to mention that I have also updated both the crossovers to the latest firmware.

    Thanks again for all your help,
  • Dan LynchDan Lynch Posts: 472
    Can you connect to the 366 with a normal serial port? It's always possible that there's a physical problem with the serial port on the 366.

  • bsmcambsmcam Posts: 13
    I did try that as well, and it does work.
  • monajanimonajani Posts: 1
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  • corbingravelycorbingravely Posts: 1
    edited April 2018
    Try to detect it manually. Then add the port and set the preferences. The serial port you have plugged your device should have the first and second priority. Well this should help you I guess. If you still have problems just post it here.

  • Yes informative. Thanks.
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