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FDS334 -> LA connectivity problem, FDS336T works OK

I have 2 Minidrives:
- FDS334 with 2.10 firmware.
- FDS336T with 2.10 firmware.

I can update the firmware of BOTH minidrives with miniload.exe via a Serial connection.
I can connect with \"Ministore 1.0\" and do a 'Dump From' AND a 'Dump To' on BOTH minidrives via the same Serial connection.

I try to remote control the FDS336T with London Architect via that same Serial connection, which works OK. Everything works as it should.

Now I try to remote control the FDS334 with London Architect with that very same Serial connection. LA says: \"There are no matched devices\".
I restarted LA and began again from scratch, but that doesn't work. LA alwas says \"There are no matched devices\".

The correct COM port is selected in 'application preferences' and the correct COM port is assigned to the device.

On both minidrives, MIDI mode is set to \"PcPort\".

First I was thinking about a hardware problem on the Serial connection on the FDS334, but I can upload firmware to the device and dump programs from and to the device, which indicates that all hardware is OK.

I have read the document \"PC control of the minidrive\", but can't find anything wrong, except that I'm using a USB to serial converter, which does work correctly with my FDS336T. Communication with the FDS334 can't be much different from the FDS336T, I think.

I am using London Architect v3.08 R2 on XP Pro 32-bit

Who knows what could be the problem?
Or other things I can try, to pinpoint the problem?
Could it be useful to try to control the FDS334 through the MIDI ports (don't know if that is possible)?

Is here someone who has the combo FDS334 and London Architect working via Serial?


  • David BDavid B Posts: 14
    Have you attempted to drag the 334 from the network view tree into the design first?
    If you can see the 334 in the network view, then drag it into the LA design window and it will have a green star above it. Then hit go online.
    If you can't see it in the network view, then LA cannot com with the 334.

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