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FDS-388 - Right Channel highs comming from output C

I have a problem with our new to us FSD-388, the right channel Hi's are coming from the C output and Mid-hi's are coming from the D outputs.

The Left channel, Mid-hi's are from C output and Hi's are from D outputs.

I have read eveything I can about FDS-388, but still found nothing about soft patching the crossover bands to the different XLR outputs.

I've made a new pre-set using a the 0 default program with OEM access , but still the problem remains.

Anyone, any ideas, I would like to swap the right channel back to what the Left channel is.


  • The 388 does not have hi's or mid-hi's. It has Band A, Band B, Band C, and Band D for each channel. If you're saying that Band C is coming out of the D output (and vice versa) then I have no idea what's happened and you may need to try resetting the device. I wasn't aware that was even possible. If you're saying that you're unhappy with the high-pass/low-pass frequencies on bands C & D and you would like them to be swapped, then go swap the settings.

  • Thanks Dan,

    That's what I was trying to say, the right channel Band C is coming from Output D and Band D is coming from output C.

    The left channel seems to be normal, Band C to C and Band D to D.

    So how do I repatch the crossover Bands to the outputs so the left and right channels are the same?

    I have read everything I can, but must have missed something some where.

    Thanks for any help.
  • O.K.

    Just for continuity of information for this thread, I have re-set the 388 unit hoping this may have swapped the C and D outputs back, but this has not.

    Time to open up the 388 unit to see if and how these outputs could have been swapped inside.

    I could use the 388 like this, but not knowing what has caused this probelm. I have a concern what if the outputs just swap back during a gig as its a soft patch problem.

    Could be a costly situtation, if you have a number of TFL 760H hanging of the right channel. :cry:
  • I have opened up the 388 unit, from I can see there is really no physical way to swap around the D & C outputs.

    Please any ideas, their must be answer to this, the firmware version is V1.222u as shown on boot up and the unit was made around 1996.

    As well any ideas as to what the push button switch does that is recessed through a small hole on the back panel that is between the Meteorology probe connector and XLR D output.

    It's not shown in either the 1997 copy manual for the FDS-388, or the 1996 copy manual for the LMS 700.

    Any ideas what this push button does.
  • Dan LynchDan Lynch Posts: 472
    edited September 2011
    I have a vague memory of that button being a reset button when held during power up, but I could be thinking of a completely different product. I can't find any mention of it in my saved emails (26,000 of them). I'll keep digging just in case.

    Ignore this message.

  • UPDATE: Step AWAY from the secret, hidden button. I was just corrected about the button. That's the SAFE button. Turning it on disables the front panel controls.

    Be very, very, very careful with that button. If you turn it on (screen goes blank) and then turn up the gains, there won't be any change in the audio level until you turn it off again. When you turn it off, BANG, the audio jumps to match the front panel controls.

  • Thanks Dan for your expertise and advice.

    Any further ideas about the problem with the swapped C & D outputs on the right channel. :?:

    Firmware Version on screen is V1.22u
  • I can't find any evidence that it's possible to do a software swap of those two channels. The functionality doesn't seem to exist, which makes me wonder if it's a hardware swap. Perhaps an old repair wired incorrectly which reversed two of the outputs?

  • Thanks Dan about the idea of a repair.

    Today, I realise that the unit has been across a work bench at some time for repairs on the front panel PCB. (Not the LCD screen board).

    I don't think it's been repaired with ready access to BSS original parts, as the replacement jog wheel has a ribbon cable, no tags to solder it directly to the board, as I think the original would have had.

    I can’t see any type of board damage, but there is also a ribbon cable that is soldered to a number of pins on the back and around the middle of the main 36? pin connector on the front panel board.

    This ribbon then runs down with each wire being soldered to several different places along the back of this board just below where the LED metering is for each band.

    Dan, do you know if the main audio signal paths are routed through this area of the front board and could this repair in this area happen to be the swapping problem?
  • Sorry, but I have no clue about that. I'm only allowed to play with a soldering iron if I do it outdoors on a paved surface with a first aid kit nearby.

  • jacktimojacktimo Posts: 3
    Time to open up the 388 unit to see if and how these outputs could have been swapped inside.

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