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Unable to update omnidrive firmware

I recently buy a used Omnidrive 366 unit with an old firmware (B1.01 A1.01), I attempt to load the new 2.06 but i can't because the loader won't find 366...

Com port setup is ok, i use a pc with built-in RS232 port, i try on several machines with windows Xp or win7, start unit in normal mode and in bootloader mode, but every time, BSS loader give me the same error message \"no unit can be found. Check cables and comms setup\".

some other have my problem?

rs232 port is defected? there is a way to see if omnidrive receives computer signals?



  • After this post I contact Harman technical support, they help me to understand where is the problem (rs232 broken). If this can help somebody, this is how check if Omnidrive 366 receives & send message through serial port...

    - Start the Omnidrive in Boot Mode (Mute 4 + RECALL)

    - Now look at the numbers at the top of the screen after Ok before 0B.

    Now short pins 2 and 3 - you should see it counting through the alphabet. (A111 then B111 then C111, etc)
    Now short pins 7 and 8 - you should see the middle number go from 0 to 1 (111 then 101 then 111 then 101, etc)
    Now short pins 4 and 6 - you should see the two outer numbrs go from 0 to 1 (111 then 010 then 111 then 010, etc)

    Thanks at the technical support of Harman, very fast & helpfull!
  • I am looking wondering if someone can write me a step by step guide on how to set up a bss fds-355 using the on-board controls. I want input A to feed output 1 with a low end signal and output 2 with a high end signal.
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