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blu100 sending IR via iTach IP2IR

I'm trying to change channels on digital set top box decoders using infra red by way of an IP to IR interface (Global Cache iTach IP2IR). My control interface is an iPad running motion control.

I've been able to learn the codes using the iLearn application that is available through Global Cache. When i test the codes learned, by \"sending\" them (using iLearn), the devices respond as expected. The iLearn app has a \"hex\" conversion feature that I use to convert the strings. I then copy and paste these into the London Ethernet trigger device that has multiple logic source buttons for triggering.

I have set up the correct IP within the properties of the Ethernet trigger device (that correspond with the iTach IP2IR -, and port 4998).

What I have noticed is that when I copy the hex values of each command from the iLearn app into the Ethenet trigger device, the commands are truncated - as if there is only a limited space, with everything exceeding that just being left off.

Of course when I load the file and beging to test the Blu with this \"truncated\" information, nothing happens, and I know for certain that nothing is getting to the IR flasher connected to the correct port on the IP2IR as I don't see it flashing at all.

I've searched through all of \"third party control\" in the forum but nothing remotely similar exists. Does anyone have any information they can share with me that sheds some light on how to get this working?


  • For the benefit of those following this post, I have had it confirmed by BSS support that strings are truncated to something like 70 or so.

    However, I've been experimenting with Audio Architect, and it can take a lot more - exactly how many, I don't know, but the same strings that were truncated in London Architect, can now fit into the list/table of the Ethernet or Serial trigger*

    *fine print.....

    As yet I still have not been able to make this damn thing work even though I can fit the whole string into the table positions, so I'm still reaching out for help/advice/panadol
  • stewivesstewives Posts: 2
    I had the same isssue with the long ip2ir strings. I split up the command and used two entries in the ethernet table and used a delay of 200 or so miliseconds in-between them. I've got it working pretty solid on my end.
  • Legend!

    I've put the project back up the top of the priority list!


  • What did it take to get this working?

  • Dgoodwin430 it's been a very long time since I got this working and quite frankly don't remember. If you give me a few days I'll look into it and see what I can find. I do know that learning the or codes through the gc device yields different results each time I do it. I do remember having to clean them up before using them in the Blu. I also remember having to split the codes across two triggers. Anyway I'll see what I can dig up
  • gol4gol4 Posts: 1
    edited April 2022

    I would also like to hear how this is done

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