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Assigning Channels to a BLU-link output / input modual

I am newer to the HiQnet London software. I have a strong back ground in the Biamp world, but stepping up my game. I am having issues trying to figure out how to assign channels to the BLU-link output and input modules. I need to transfer signals from a 806 to a 120 over the Blulink. I would appreciate any direction I can get, the rest of my project has come together.


Dan :?


  • HI Dan

    To assign Blu Link channels you need to highlight the Blu Link processing Tx or Rec object in the device configuration view, right click on it and select properties, from there you click on the Blu Link Channel assignment icon in the properties window. Select the channels you want to assign to the processing object and click the Add button.
    I hope this helps.
    Good Luck

    Charlie Tappa
    Pro Sound Service Inc
    Braintree, Ma.
  • yeah... one of the many things they're doing wrong while we're doing it right. We don't love them any less for it
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