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366 stuck in \"invalid program, please reload\"

I have an old 366 that had problems with startup. Most of the time it got stuck right after displaying software versions (both A and B 1.01) with display saying \"invalid program! please reload\" and inside the unit led \"LD3\" stuck on. When trying to boot it enough times, it at some point managed to boot itself up and then it functions perfectly, control through rs232 works etc.

I tried to get rid of the boot-failure by updating the software to newest one and now it gets stuck in the same message every time. While booting, it shows in display \"New Application, B1.01 Updated\" and after that it gets stuck in \"invalid program! please reload\" message.

The unit loads to boot-loader mode, I can try to update it again and it every time seems to complete the update ok until it tries to reboot when it gets stuck. When in boot-loader the LD3 remains off and does not even flash on at any time.

Is there anything possible to do? I have quite well equipped workshop so I am capable of soldering off and re-flashing eeprom and most likely also flash-memory. The reset switch near ic61 (max1232) seems to reset the unit, is it enough to repeat connecting that for long enough?


  • Branzila143Branzila143 Junior Member Posts: 1
    I called in to BSS tech support 6 or 8 months ago and was told that there was a beta version due to be released soon in which Alignment Assistant would function correctly.
  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 328
    Hi Ossi, this could be bad FLASH RAM. PLease contact technical support for further assistance. (see signature below)
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