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Motion Control - Cant send panel to iPad

Hi there.

I'm using Audio Architect for the first time, but I'm a long time London user.

I have the design up and running no problem (all made natively in AA - love it), and have a made a custom panel, which has been assigned by double clicking the iPad (which appears as online) and selecting my desired control panel.

The iPad shows up in the venue, and I can see it in \"net setter\". I go online, click the send icon which appears on the icon aaannnndd......


Stuck on the example template.

No error messages. Just nothing.

Please help :)


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    funkyantfunkyant Posts: 4
    For anybody who is interested, I actually got it working this morning.

    Instead of double clicking the iPad icon in the venue (which was online, matching HiQnet address, green light, etc), I instead double clicked on the iPad in the device list on the left. This seems to work consistently, however on my system clicking the icon does not work at all, even though I get the pop-up window and can add and remove control pages - it just doesn't send the page to the device. May be a bug.
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    Attached are 2 images. One from the custom panel within System Architect.
    The other of the panel appearing in my iPad 1.
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    I see if it works on my side
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