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Crown DCi N amps

As far as I can tell, we cannot access anything on these amps in London architect ...have to use audio architect? Is this correct? Even though audio architect isn't \"ready for prim time\".


  • Correct. DCiN amplifiers are not supported in LA.
  • I just did an Audio Architect job with 204 HiQnet devices and its working fine. I didn't need room combines or a blu-10 though.
  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 328
    Just for completeness, DCI amps cannot be controlled from London Architect, but amp network status and faults are able to be reported.
    So if you only need to monitor faults, then you don't need Audio Architect.
  • zohaazohaa Posts: 1
    On some newer equipment, on/off rocker switches are marked with a hyphen on one side and a circle on the other, while others have a hyphen on one side and nothing at all on the other. Since a hyphen could be a minus sign and a circle could be a zero, while nothing is vacancy, how does one decide which side is on and which is off? Wouldn't a minus and a plus (or a zero and a plus) be clearer? This matter is of major importance if the unit is misbehaving and one has to know whether the power is actually on.
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