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FDS-366T Bessel filter implementation

Dear BSS,

Since a few months, I own a FDS366T processor to filter my loudspeakers (2-way + biamping).
I already tried several filter setup (Butterworth, and L-R). I'm now trying the Bessel ones (particularly the 24db/oct).

However I need some information about their implemation in the 366T.
For example, how are they normalized ? (this Rane technote shows there are many ways : http://www.rane.com/note147.html)
I already remark that cutoff freq are based on -6dB, but I'm note sure...

I'm look for Bessel filters with the most possible linear phase and summed freq response.

I use an Excel sheet to simulate Bessel filters and it uses -3dB cutoff freq. In this case LPF and HPF are different.



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    arnaudfarnaudf Posts: 4
    I answer to myself...

    It seems that I have a beginning of answer.
    Following the filter curves published in the \"original\" 366 manual (page 20), it seems that the crossover point for Bessel 24db is located around -7,5dB...

    Thus the multiplying factors in the Rane technote seems to be ok (see § \"Rane's Bessel Crossover at -3 dB\" ).
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    arnaudfarnaudf Posts: 4
    Finally after some testing the factors does not match for the 366.
    If a gentle BSS engineer or forum guy have an idea, they are welcomed...
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    kompkomp Posts: 1
    The forum is half death as you see, its sad because I have many products from them.

    It would be nice if someone solve your problem
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    If you require technical support, these forums are not necessarily the place to get it, they are, as the name alludes- a user group- not a route to technical support.

    There is a cunningly titled 'support' page on the BSS website that will allow you to send a message directly to a technical support person in your timezone. :wink:
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