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Control Panel objects with Control Ports

Ive been having an odd problem, I have a venue that I have installed a BLU-100, Attached to a couple of control ports are some pots in 3 wire mode. In the past I have created iPad control pages in Audio Architect, and added sliders from gain objects to control levels. Previously I had been able to assign control ports to these gain objects as well and have dual controls.

This used to work like this: Adjust using the pot and the level would change, Adjust using the control panel and it would change, but it would jump back as soon as you moved the pot.

Whats now happening: The pot works fine, but if you try and use the slider in the control panel page, it immediately jumps to the position that the pot is set to.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or know a suitable solution?


  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 323
    In the Properties of the device, do you have Control Port Subscribe set to Yes? If so, change it to No and you will get the behaviour you require.
  • Ah, Brilliant. I think this rings a bell now that you mention it. Ill give it a go tomorrow.

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