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Audio Architect Custom Panels


I am trying to do a new design in Audio Architect. Is there no way to link custom control panel controls to default control panel controls like we are all used to in London Architect? Or do I have to use the Parameter Address Editor for every assignment? Any tips to make this all easier?


  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 323
    It works in the same way but you have to hold down the CTRL key.

    So you can add controls to a Custom Panel in many ways:
    1. CTRL-drag and drop from a default panel
    2. CTRL-drag onto an unassigned control
    3. drag from the Venue Explorer
    4. drag from the Venue Explorer onto an unassigned control
    5. use Parameter Address Editor on an unassigned control
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