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FDS-360 frequency card issue

Hello everyone,

I have a recapped BSS FDS-360 analog active crossover that I use with my JBL 4343 studio monitors, I used it with 300Hz 24dBoct. cards but it didn't work well so I decided to change the cards to JBL factory standard - 300Hz/12dB but I can't seem to get the component values right.

The manual(I have a original manual + copies of the schematics) only states the values of components for a 24dB slope.

Using plain logic you could think that removing one part of the 24dB filter would give you 12dB but it's not the case. The unit doesn't work correctly when set up like that.
Here is a pic of the card that 'should' do 300Hz/12dBoct: http://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=dr2kw8&s=8

Where is the trick to make the cards work properly @ 300Hz/12dboct?

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