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London architect design file size

HI all,

I have a design file that's 5.12mb in size and cant find the reason why it so big,

its just 3 blu100 units no custom control pages


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    A design file which is large is not a problem. If you want to reduce the size of the design file (with no real benefit apart from it being smaller) then you can use the following functions:

    1. Panel menu / Delete All Unreferenced Default Control Panels
    2. Help menu / Test / Clean Parameter Presets
    3. Delete Event Log archives you don't need.

    These will not make any difference with regards to performance, they will just make your design file a little smaller.
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    You can also try right-clicking on any MatrixMixers or MatrixRouters in your design, and selecting \"Convert To Fixed\" if that option appears.
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    If this recommendation and implement it.
    The ipad just remember the network where is connected the BLU100.
    The problem was that once the ipad stopped connecting, there was no way to re-connect.
    We have brought an Ipad the service technician to reinstall the IOs and another Ipad, what we did was update the IOs, Motion Control uninstall reinstall it and load the panels, also we reset the BLU100.
    So far they have not problems but do not know if the solution was to load the new operating system iPads.
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    What is the max size of design file that can be loaded into single blu-100 device?
    I think this will be related to flash chip size...

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