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Bss FDS 388


When I power up my unit it starts up on the omnidirectional home screen but does not continue to boot to main page it would automatically just start the process all over again continuously?

Any help would be appreciated


  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 328
    Contact tech support. See below.
  • Thanks for reply Jerome. Contacted Franklyn Aggarat at Rent A Amp in Trinidad and he came up up with same problem that EPROM chip need to reprogram. He can't help as he doesn't have programmer. Rent A Amp is the authorised dealers for Harman (BSS) is there anyone I can buy a preprogrammed chip from or if I buy the programmer can I get the file to burn onto the EPROM?

    Thanks again
  • After this post I contact Harman technical support, they help me to understand where is the problem (rs232 broken). If this can help somebody, this is how check if Omnidrive 366 receives & send message through serial port...
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