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Crestron calling presets in Audio Arcitect.

God day.

My problem:
Crestron CP3 controlling BSS BLU-100.
I have 3 pc of -100 in cluster, doing different things on the venue.
THe crestron has modules for N-Gain (Working fine)
And for the \"Preset\" function.
On other venues we are using London arcitect for preset programing, and with the same module we can call/trigger presets.
But when im programing in Audio Arcitect, the same module does'nt trigger the presets.
I thougt there should be the same module, but maby not.
Im using the \"Soundweb London PResets\" function in AA.

Can someone please help me get som lights on this problem.

BEst Regards; Thomas Neumann.


  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 328
    In London Architect, the preset types are:
    1. Parameter Presets (Crestron module: \"BSS Soundweb London Parameter Presets\")
    2. Venue Presets (Crestron module: \"BSS Soundweb London Venue Presets\")

    In Audio Architect, the preset types that apply to Soundweb London devices are:
    1. Soundweb London Presets (Crestron module: \"BSS Soundweb London Parameter Presets\")
    (Venue presets are not used for Soundweb devices in Audio Architect)

    Parameter Presets and Soundweb London Presets are the same thing. They are triggered using the same third party messages using the Crestron module \"BSS Soundweb London Parameter Presets\". These messages will start with \\x02\\x8C
    (Venue Preset recall messages start with \\x02\\x8B)
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