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JBL M2 stereo Cofiguration for BLU-50

Is there a way of uploading the jbl M2 base configuration too a BSS blu-50 for stereo configuration

it would be nice it was included in the general JBL presets
their is a preset for Bss 800 for LCR and for Crown ITech 5000 and 4 x 3500 @ jblpro page but not for the BLU -50


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    You could easily adapt the JBL file for the BLU-80 to run on a BLU-50.
    Open the file (it's a London Architect File) then go tools/London device conversion, and change the device to a BLU-50. Save as a different name, close then reopen.

    The JBL file has a LCR set up, but the BLU-50 has only 4 outputs, so L/R only, or use the BLU-link output to increase output channels with a BLU-BOB or send the audio via BLU-link to Crown DCiN series amplifiers
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    ValentinRValentinR Posts: 5
    Thanks David

    i will try it
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    TomSTomS Posts: 2
    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I need a bit of help with BLU-50 and M2's.

    I've been using a Crown DCI 4 1250N amplifier successfully with the JBL M2's, but the fan noise is a bit much for home use in room.

    I obtained a BLU-50 to try out and have been working on setting it up. I followed the instructions above to retrieve the BLU-800 tuning file from JBL. The M2 specific configuration is locked into macros so I assumed I'd have to use London Architect. I loaded the BLU-800 file, which London Architect showed as BLU-80, then converted to BLU-50, closed, re-opened. I edited out the center channel path, leaving the 2 channels in, 4 channels out for bi-amping the M2's.

    I think I did all this right, loaded it into the BLU-50, which shows green light (loaded successfully), synchronized, then clicked OPERATE and ONLINE to start processing. I have an analog signal from a balanced preamp feeding to channels 1 and 2, but haven't hooked up anything to the outputs just yet.

    At this point I can't see any signal indication on the BLU-50 front panel LEDs. I also was not able to hover on any of the wire paths internally to the design to activate \"Dynamic Metering\" to monitor what's going on. Nothing shows up there at all.

    I re-checked the 2 XLR to Phoenix input connections, both measure correctly.

    I'm about to just re-start with the basics on the BLU-50, tie input card channels directly to output card channels, just to make sure it's working properly.

    Any thoughts what I might be doing wrong?
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    TomSTomS Posts: 2
    Apparently, I just didn't provide high enough input source signal to trigger the -20db Signal LED threshold. I'm testing now to make sure everything is in order, but the BLU-50 does in fact work with the converted BLU-800 JBL provided tuning files.
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