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Add level up/down buttons to iPad

How would one add level nudge buttons to an iPad for level control? This is simple on a local control panel but does not appear as an option for the iPad.


  • Funny I was just trying to do this on a panel i was working on..... Did you figure it out yet? How would you do it on a local control panel?
    Also i want to create a text display with the current level of the \"fader\" next to the Up and Down buttons..
  • The \"Gain\" processing object uniquely has a \"bump up\" parameter and a \"bump down\" parameter (their bump percentages are adjustable in the Gain object's properties). Those two parameters are controllable via any control system, including iOS devices running HiQnet Motion Control.

    I haven't tested this out myself, but you should be able to add those two parameters directly to an iOS panel, and that should do the trick.

    Obviously, this means you'll need to place a Gain object somewhere in your design if you haven't already. TIP: you can add a Gain into the design without even wiring it to anything, and LINK its fader to the fader you wish to control (e.g. the master fader on an N-Input Gain)
  • jbirkmanjbirkman Posts: 32
    I have seen the gain bump up and down options available on a PC-based panel but not on an IOS panel. Also, as I open a current project and attempt to add this option it is not offered. I only see \"text box,\" \"fader,\" and \"combo box.\"

    Does a build have to originate in a specific version of AA for the bump options to show up?
  • Okay, I tested it and got it working just fine. I'm using Audio Architect version and HiQnet Motion Control version 1.0.7

    The trick is dragging the parameters (named \"Bump Up\" and \"Bump Down\") ***FROM THE VENUE EXPLORER*** onto the iOS panel. At that point, AA will ask you which control style you want: \"Text Box\", \"Button - On/Off\", or \"Button - Momentary\"

    Choose \"Button - Momentary\"

    That should do it.
  • jbirkmanjbirkman Posts: 32
    I am using the latest versions of all the software. However, my build began in AA version 1.5
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