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BSS audio configuration

I received following BSS hardware configuration and I would like to know if this can work together because it is the mixture from diferent protocols and hardware. Main unit is BSS BLU805 which is AVB and then they use Dante BLU-DAN interfaces.

They put together in the system following products: BSS BLU805 + BLU-DAN + BLU-BIB + BLU-BOB + AtteroTech unDUSB + BLU-50 + BLU-DAN

Please let me know if it possible to configure this system with HiQnet London Arhitect.


  • London Architect, no (BLU-DAN isn't supported).

    Audio Architect, yes.

    Note, you'll need the BLU link and Dante networks to both slave to the AVB network's clock.
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