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Remote control via Internet

I need to access a BLU-100 via Internet to control some logic on/off switches through a custom user panel. How do I do this?

Can I connect the BLU unit directly to internet and access it remotely, or do I need a local PC running Audio Architect and connect to it through virtual desktop?


  • kevinzzkevinzz Posts: 35
    You could theoretically do it either way you suggested. Although I've never personally put a BSS directly on the Internet, it is possible to port forward to connect. However you will have to add it as a static route in your LA/AA network prefs, because device discovery will not work over the Internet.

    Perhaps a better way would be to place a VPN router on the site and use the software provided with the VPN to establish a tunnel that way. However device discovery may not work , you would still need a static route within LA/AA even though you appear to be on the same subnet.
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