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BLU-103 SV reference


I am currently working on modules for Crestron and AMX to support the BLU-103, specifically to support the VoIP component in this unit.

I can't find any documentation online or in Audio Architect showing what the possible data on the SVs could be. Many are obvious (gains, mutes, string values, etc) but some of the parameters are of type LONG (see SV 317) and I can't know what the values are.

Having a nice reference document would also make this easier, even though I am almost complete...

Is there an SV reference somewhere for this product?

Additionally, are there extensions to the DI protocol to get some of this data (string data, etc), some undocumented SVs for both of the lines to get data similar to old telephone cards, or am I going to have to operate VoIP in HiQnet protocol?


  • kevinzzkevinzz Posts: 35
    Audio Architect has a great API tool. You can bring any object into it and click/change any SV and it gives you the string below. Go to Offline Design > Add Devices > Controllers > 3rd-party controller and add it to a rack with the BLU-103. A little touch screen icon is now in the rack with the 103. Double click on it and it will bring up a tree on the left where you can navigate to every parameter in the unit. Navigate to the Audio layer (0x03), then open VoIP input, which lists all the available SVs. Drag any of them to the right, click on it, and the entire string appears below.

    Note that the string includes the escape characters, so you need to keep that in mind (like for 0x02 and 0x03) but you can get the Parameter ID which is probably what you're after.

    Just out of curiosity, are you building a complete set of London modules from scratch, or are you just creating one that builds off of the existing 4.0/4.2 modules?
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