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Help using Ethernet Trigger Table to turn on/off Projector

I am trying to use an Ethernet trigger table to send commands to my Panasonic projector over Ethernet to allow me to turn on and off the projector but have not been able to figure out how to connect with the projector. I have checked and have been able to confirm the projector is on the same network as the BLU-100 I am using, but am not certain if I have the Ethernet trigger table set up correctly. Does anyone have an example of how to set this up correctly in AudioArchitect so I can connect to the projector and send commands to the projector over Ethernet? Thanks.


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    If you can connect to the projector and communicate over putty you just need to import the commands to bss. What is the command you are trying to send is it a true ethernet command?
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    JaknudsenJaknudsen Posts: 12
    I know it's a bit late so if you've already figured it out, maybe someone else can benefit from this.

    First of all, you need to make sure that password is disabled on your projector. It's not mandatory, but it makes your life a lot easier.
    Connect to the projector via your browser, and remove the password.

    Next (assuming you know the ip of your projector) type in the ip and port number (1024 for Panasonic) in AA's Ethernet trigger table. Make sure it's a tcp connection from the dropdown.

    Now, panasonic ON command:
    ASCII: 00PON
    switch to Hex and add: 0D

    OFF command:
    ASCII: 00POF
    switch to hex and add: 0D

    Done. Hope this helps.
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    joeltcaronjoeltcaron Posts: 2
    I am trying to do the same thing, but with 3 projectors. My preference would be to assign 3 logic sources to a Blu10 page to control whether the ethernet trigger goes high or low for the projectors.

    Is there a problem with always keeping the \"connected\" state high for the ethernet trigger? All of our Audio architect devices are on their on VLAN, but share it with some other audio/video devices.

    Thanks for your help.
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    There should be no problems having the Connect Input high all the time.
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    joeltcaronjoeltcaron Posts: 2
    Thanks Jerome, that is helpful.

    Also, could a forum admin delete my repeat posts. I kept getting an error when I submitted, so I assumed the post never went through. Sorry about that.
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    I don't know much about the projector,but if you are interested in electronic equipment there are a lot of 4.3inch rearview monitor, you can have a look and I believe you can find a good one.
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