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Solo/Mute Speakers Logic setup

I would like to create a panel the will include on/off buttons for all of the speakers in my venue. I would like a separate button on that panel that will switch the speaker buttons between mute and solo. I will use a mixer before my outputs for trims, mutes and solos. Any ideas how to do this?


  • Cancel that it looks like I can't use the mixer for this
  • I did not see an obvious way to do this so I used logic to control the mute buttons on an N-Gain object. I would imagine this approach could also work on a mixer since the control happens outside the object under control.

    In my design I had an array of buttons that would mute individual speaker feeds. Another button would swap the function of the buttons to an exclusive solo function. I have not yet come up with a design that allows for additive solo functionality. Would this approach work for your design?
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