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Crown DCI 4300 N series inputs


I'm in the process of purchasing a Crown DCI 4300 N series amp with built in blu link for two channel home use(one amp for each transducer) and was wondering what is the best method of volume control is? Would using a CD player as an input and one of the networked BSS wall controls give me the same results as running the pre-amp output higher? I would like to avoid running my pre-amp harder to achieve proper gain levels into the amp. Any help would be great.



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    The DCi volume could be controlled with a Soundweb Contrio EC-V (or EC-4BV or EC-8BV or BLU-8v2 or iOS Motion Control on iPad/iPhone)

    Assign one of the Output Faders to the controller's Encoder, then link all the faders together with the LINK ALL button.
    The BLU-8v2 benefits from being able to sub range the Min and Max levels. There is no subrange in the Contrio EC controllers.

    You could also use these controllers to do other stuff too: mute, low power mode, recall presets with different EQ settings, etc...
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