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BLU 100 - Audio bleed on analog output when muted

I have a BLU 100 I use for demo purposes where I have 6 amp channels fed from the analog output card, as well as 4 amp channels fed via BLU Link.

When I mute anything (Analog Input card, mixer master, and gain) the BLU Link channels are completely muted, however, the analog output channels still have audio. The level is reduced significantly, but no matter what the output level is, when muted the speakers still produce around 50 db.

Has anyone else run into this?


  • kevinzzkevinzz Posts: 35
    Have you tried muting the analog output card object? do you still get audio 'bleed'? What is the audio? Is it noise, or just an attenuated signal? What is 50dB? (50dB as compared to what?)
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