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blu-160 & blu-100 Can London files be hacked?


We have several Blu-160, blu100 working on a project for 4-6 years with several London files. but.... :evil:

The client is not paying his \"services\" bill for a long time, we have the password of the config files. we don't want to keep working until he pays.

Is there anyway that the client access the files without the passwords?

Whats is the copyright Law of the London Config Files that we create?

Please help and Thanks You


  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 328
    There is no way to access the design files without the password.

    Tip: Make a clear agreement with the customer about who owns the file and passwords BEFORE you start a project. This way there are no arguments later. The customer should be made to consider the fact that the company who install and maintain a system may not be around forever. It might be worth their while to own the design files.

    I cannot comment on your particular situation but maybe others can share similar stories.
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