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Generating third party control strings in Audio Architect

It is possible to generate third party control strings from within Audio Architect. Simply add a Third Party Device into the Venue.


Double click to open the Third Party Controller. Then drag any parameters or Parameter Presets from the Venue Explorer or CTRL-drag any paramters from a Default Control Panel.
Set the type of message that is required. (Set, Subscribe, Bump, etc)
Enter the value for the parameter. (dB value, Mute/UnMute, Source, Meter speed, etc)
Select any paramater in the list and the string will appear below from where it can be copied.


The format can be adjusted by changing the Prefix, Separator and Base.
Clicking the Export button will generate a CSV with all the strings in the list.


All the third party control resources are available from the Downloads page of the BSS Audio website. These include Crestron Module, AMX code, Application Guide and the full third party implementation document.

If you have any questions please contact your local BSS Audio distributor or technical support.
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