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Managing and backing up Programs for Omnidrive and Minidrive

HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical supportPosts: 328
Program Mover (for Omnidrive) and Ministore (for Minidrive) are small Windows applications that allow you to manage Programs. An RS-232 connection to the devices is required.

Dump all Programs from device to PC
Dump individual Programs from device to PC
Dump Programs to device from PC
Dump individual Programs from PC to device
Save all Programs to a file
Save individual Programs to a file
Open All Programs from a file
Open individaul Program from a file

In order for the Omnidrive or Minidrive to communicate with the PC, it must be set in the UTILITES:
Midi Mode...........PC Port
Serial Input..........RS232


Be careful when using this software. If you dump Programs from the PC to the device then the Programs on the device will be overwritten. There is no undo!

Download Program Mover
Download Ministore
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