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IP ports used by Soundweb London devices / VPN

Ports used by Soundweb London devices
3804 TCP & UDP : HiQnet device discovery and communication
21 TCP : FTP for loading Configuration and firmware
49152-50152 TCP : FTP transfer
1023 TCP : DI messages (for 3rd party control)

To use a device you need to open the ports for HiQnet (3804) and FTP (21 and 49152).
Broadcast messages are used to discover devices on the local network. Once discovered, unicast messages are used.
FTP transfers use ephemeral ports 49152-50152. However, if you only ever have one PC online at once, then it will always use 49152. If you have 2 PCs online, then it will use 49152 and 49153.

Ports required for connection on remote subnet or remote access server/VPN:
3804 TCP & UDP
21 TCP
49152 to 50152 TCP

When connecting to a remote subnet then these ports must be open. You must add the IP address of each device in File/ Application Preferences/ Proxies Static Routes.
If you can ping the device but it is not detected by Audio Architect or NetSetter then ports 3804 are being blocked.
If you have issues loading a Configuration or updating firmware then port 21 is being blocked.
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