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BLU806 and Crown DCI Series - Reading Status


I am needing to read Crown DCI Series parameters (Short Circuit, Fault, Hi Z and so on).

When I put DCI on third party controller List, I see that string its different from standard string of BLU control. I suppose that is HiQnet protocol.

At logic control section on BLU, there is an object named event monitor, where there are registers with some columns \"output, category, id, description\".

Reading the Audio architect I've found a text regarding the ID column.
This sets the ID of the event from the devices event log. Each event has an individual ID. These IDs can be obtained from the manufacturer of the device to be monitored\"

So where find the document with these informations ?

Is there other method using BLU to read the DCI parameters ?



  • HARMAN_Jerome_KingHARMAN_Jerome_King BSS technical support Posts: 323
    These details are not currently published. Please contact Crown for these event IDs. www.crownaudio.com/techsupport
    You will be provided with a list of Event IDs for each amplifier fault. These are entered in the Event Monitor's properties. Always enter 16 in the Category field.
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