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Volume Ramp

Hi, is there a way to automatically ramp down the volume before switching audio sources and then ramp up the original volume with the new source? I am trying to avoid an abrupt source switch.


  • Yes, though there is not a ready made processing object to do this. You can use the timed gain object, or rather a series of these with each input source connected to one timed gain. A little logic design will be required to fade one input down and fade the new input up when a input source change is required.
    It's fairly straightforward, though if London devices and Audio Architect are new to you it may not seem so!
    Let me know if you need a fuller description, or an example design.

  • greenygreeny Posts: 1
    Hi, I realise this is a very old thread, but could you talk me through the logic side of this. Thanks
  • There are a million ways to achieve this. Here is a simple example that fades between two signals.



    Drag the Fade buttons onto the Logic Ends. When the Logic Ends goes high, the Fade buttons will go On.

    Set the Properties of the Logic Sources with Auto Off set to anything but 0. This will make the Logic Sources turn off automatically after they've been turned on.

    Download the example file
  • jinsonicjinsonic Posts: 3
    Thanks for a great example. Just what I needed!!! :wink:
  • Thanks for a great example. Trenorol is for sale here now. Just what I needed!!! :wink:

    Awesome examples. Going to try this out myself as well. Many thanks.
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