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Contrio EC-4B with DCI2300N - Presets

I'm very new to Audio Architect and was hoping to program a Contrio EC-4B wall controller to toggle between presets for a DCi 2300 N amplifier.

The goal being a different preset per each unique button on the controller to accommodate different venue conditions when necessary.

Is this possible? Perhaps I need to use an EC-4BV instead?. Within these presets, the output levels are the most important. I've heard that the controller supports presets and I've also heard that the buttons only support two state parameters such as mute.

Thanks for reading.


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    Graphix7Graphix7 Posts: 3
    Although you cannot drag and drop percentage variable controls onto the buttons of the EC-4B, you can click on \"Parameter Presets\" at the top of the screen in Audio Architect. Make sure that you have a Preset Group selected before attempting to add a new preset. From this area, you can create a new preset by dragging devices from your venue (Displayed on the left) that you want to this preset to apply to and click \"New Preset\". After clicking \"New Preset\", a column will be displayed next to all the different available variables of the devices you wish to manage. Simply type the desired variables into the respective row corresponding to the setting you wish to be altered when applying this preset. If you enter an invalid variable, the setting will be defaulted. Once you've made your preset, you can simply drag the preset from the tree on the left onto the button of your choice when viewing the EC-4B tab to assign that preset as a function.

    My problem was that when I attempted to create a preset, I mistakenly tried to create invalid variables. When I saw my inputs erased and defaulted, I assumed I perhaps skipped a step. Make sure you input valid variables when creating a new preset.

    For more information: http://audioarchitect.harmanpro.com/aa_help/BSS_BLU_Devices/Parameter_Presets.htm
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