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better DSP resourse managment

I am creating builds that use many delays for time alignment of drivers and for video sync. Typically these delays are below 100msec. The delay object allows for 2700msec of delay and must allocate DSP resources for this worst-case setting.

This creates an issue where my build runs out of DSP resources. It goes from 75% to over 100% by adding one delay. Another manufacturer with a similar platform solves this issue by offering a long and short delay object to conserve DSP.

Would this benefit anyone else?


  • You could try and use the delay function in the crossover, if you are using this. The delay option on the crossover is more aligned (excuse the pun) for driver delay compensation than the external delay processing object. That is, it has less of an operating range- up to 80ms per channel on the crossover, and so takes up less DSP resources.

    You need to turn on the delay option in the crossover devices properties before you can use the feature.
  • jbirkmanjbirkman Posts: 32
    David, I recently discovered this option and I did use it. I will try this in other builds and it may solve my DSP issue.

    Wouldn't you agree that this would make the build confusing?
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