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Unable to communicate with Contrio via Static Route

When deploying large number of BSS devices on customer networks with a large number of sites, we have been able to ad the IP address of the device to the static route table and the software (LA or AA) has been able to communicate.

With LA, we had the option to add the static route to the design file. for some reason we no longer have this option in AA.

The Contrio controllers can not be seen on a different subnet even when added to the static route table. The can only be programmed, firmware updated with software on the same physical LAN.

Does anyone deploy and manage devices this way and find the same issues?


  • Using Static Routes, EC controllers cannot be discovered across routers. (EC firmware 1.2.9 that comes with Audio Architect
    They can be discovered across routers by using a Proxy Device e.g. Crown amplifiers. Simply enter the IP address of one of the amplifiers in the Proxy Connections.
    The Proxy Device will discover all devices (BSS, Crown, JBL, AKG, dbx) and relay control data to across the router on their behalf. This also eliminates the need for the Static Routes for the BSS)
  • wadshradwadshrad Posts: 9
    Thanks Jerome. Each of these particular installations has a Blu-50 and an EC-4BV. It seems the London devices can't be used as a proxy device. Do you know why or if this is likely to change? Do you know what devices can and cant be used as proxy devices?
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