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Can the file be extracted from a Soundweb?

The following concepts must be understood before this question can be answered.

1. When you go online, it is the CONFIGURATION that is loaded into the Soundweb when you click on the “L”. The CONFIGURATION is the compiled DSP code that runs on the DSP chips. This cannot be extracted.

2. When you “Save to Device Network” from the File menu it is the AUDIO ARCHITECT FILE (.audioarchitect) that is stored into the devices spare memory. This is not being used by the Soundweb. It is simply stored in the memory. This can be extracted using “Open from Device Network”.

So the answer to the question \"Can the file be extracted from a Soundweb?\" is Yes, if the Audio Architect file has been stored on the device. If it was not stored on the device then the answer is No and you will have to re-create the file.


If you wish to store the Audio Architect file in the Soundweb devices then this can be done manually or automatically. Storing the file on the devices allows you to open it in Audio Architect at a later date.

a) To store the Audio Architect file manually, use \"Save to Device Network\". You must be in Offline Design mode. This will attempt to save the file onto each device. If it is too large to fit in one device then the file will be stored across multiple devices.

b) To store the Audio Architect automatically then set the Application Preferences accordingly. When set to Yes, the file will be stored to Soundweb every time you go online. This process will add a few seconds to going online.

a) “Save to device network” should not be used as your main storage of the Audio Architect file. Always keep a copy of the Audio Architect file on a computer and also on a USB key kept on site. If the device fails to power up or boot up then you will not be able to extract the file. So ALWAYS keep copies of the file elsewhere.
b) If there is an Audio Architect file stored in a Soundweb it is not necessarilly the one which was used to last go online with. You should not assume that it is.
The only way to tell if an Audio Architect file was the last one used to go online with is to open the file in Audio Architect and go online. If you are prompted to Load the Configuration then this confirms that this is not the same file that was used to last go online with.
c) London Architect files (.architect) cannot be opened in Audio Architect.
Audio Architect files (.audioarchitect) cannot be opened in London Architect.
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