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Blackmagic design Video

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has controlled any of this gear
particularly the smart videohub 12x12..
via an AA device (BLU100) using IP commands.

Any help appreciated.




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    I see this post is quite old buy if anyone needs help with this I have successfully done this via ethernet trigger to a smart video hub 20 x 20. It's easier to write the commands in a notepad editor and then import them over non ascii.
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    The trouble could be trying to enter a Carriage Return or Line Feed.
    The Ethernet Trigger or Serial Trigger can display a string in ASCII, Hex or Decimal format. You cannot enter a CR or LF when displaying ASCII.
    To enter a CR or LF, simply switch the display to Hex and simply type in 0A for Line Feed or 0D for Carriage Return.

    ASCII hello
    HEX 68,65,6C,6C,6F

    Adding the CR carriage return:
    ASCII hello<CR>
    HEX 68,65,6C,6C,6F,0D
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    jjjjjj Posts: 13
    Hi Guys,

    Hmm forgot all about posting this...

    The Job is all working, and has been for a while.
    but it is a bit 'clunky'...

    But would be interested in what Shawn did about the 31 input restriction for the ethernet trigger. I had to use 2 x them as i had 35 buttons in all.

    Also if you used a 'take' button or just sent the commands straight out when button pressed, or used some 'timing cct' on the 'connect/connected'.

    If this is all too much perhaps Shawn could email me?



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    DWSavDWSav Posts: 12

    If anyone has code for the video hub id be interested in seeing it? we have recently installed a 20x 20

    please email it to info@dwsound.co.uk

    Many thanks

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