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AA 1.9 Access Control bug and Meter Segmented Advanced bug

While setting up an User in AA 1.90 I found that the User had no way of going Online and Offline, despite the option being checked in the options.
It would work if all other Functions were also checked.
Eventually I narrowed it down to the Configure Monitoring Mode option as the culprit. Once unchecked, it also disables Go Online/Offline capability.
Here is the screenshot:


Also, Meter Segmented Advanced does not display Low Color for me. It's only Mid and High colors that work and even then, with some thresholds I see High color only.


Do you know any way around these? Or should we just wait for the next version?


  • Thank you for posting the work around with the user access. This saved me some time. I have the same problems as you do. I hope there will be a bug fix soon.
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