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Question about contrio buttons

Hi, perhaps this is a silly question, but I'm very new to audio architecht.

I have four parameter presets to control the monitoring system of my studio. I have assign them to the contrio buttons, but I'd like the light to change to the off position if I select a different preset, so I can see very easy what preset is selected.
I tried some logic preset trigger but I can't do it.
What would be the easiest way to do this?



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    I have the same problem with you. Looking forward to the answer!
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    The reason that the buttons do not stay On is because a Parameter Preset is a one-shot event, not a state. If you wish to have the button stay On then:
    In the Logic layer, add a Logic Source wired to a Preset Trigger. Configure the Preset Trigger with the Parameter Presets you require. Then assign the Logic Source button to the wall controller buttons.
    If there are several Logic Sources/Preset Triggers then these can be made to act like \"radio\" buttons (only one button can be on at the same time). Link all the Logic Sources with a Radio Link.
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    Worked great.
    Thanks a lot for the help.
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