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Motion control Parameter presets


I'm rather new to Audio Architect and Motion Control.

I have a client that need an iPad to control their venue. A restaurant with many audio zones.

I have want to use Parameter Presets to switch between different scenarios, sources etc. Howerver, i can add a Combo box in the Custom Panel Designer and i can drag'n'drop a Parameter Preset Group to the combo box. It look nice and works fine when i launch the Custom Panel on the PC. But when i load it to the iPad the combo box is empty and it shows \"unattached\" when i open it up. I even tried to make buttons to recall the different scenarios, but it won't work either. Any suggestions how to make this work?

Best regards Joakim.


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    Motion Control does not support Parameter Presets. In other words, it cannot send out a Parameter Preset recall message itself, so the Soundweb device must be used to do this.

    To get a button to recall a Parameter Preset:
    In the Logic layer, add a Logic Source wired to a Preset Trigger. Configure the Preset Trigger with the Parameter Presets you require. Then assign the Logic Source button to the Motion Control panel.
    Tip1: The Logic Source can be made \"momentary\" by setting its Auto Off property to 1.
    Tip2: If there are several Logic Sources/Preset Triggers then these can be made to act like \"radio\" buttons. Link all the Logic Sources with a Radio Link.
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