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Audio Architect on Remote PC Blank Window

I installed Audio Architect on a remote PC to remotely monitor and support. When I opened AA I got the usual crash report window and network settings but the windows were just an empty white window.

It took me some time to figure out but it only happens when you run AA with no monitor connected. This is the same using teamviewer, anydesk or VNC.

If I RDP from a machine with a monitor connected, I can then see the window contents.
If I then reconnect to the machine using VNC I can see the application window but then opening the application options just gives me a white window.

The machines are running Win10 Home which doesnt have RDP so I needed to find a workaround for that to test. The only access to these machine once in the field will be teamviewer or anydesk.

Does anyone have an idea of how to deploy this without having to connect a monitor?


  • This only seems to be an issue with some intel graphics cards. Nvidia and AMD provide EDID and hardware acceleration options that seem to fix.
    The workaround I found in the end if required was to install teamviewer VPN driver, connect to the remote PC using the VPN then RDP to the remote PC using the IP assigned to the VPN adapter.
  • A dummy monitor connector (emulator) might work. They are $15 on Amazon for a 1080p version. I've used them in other similar situations and they simply report a 1920x1080 monitor to the video card.
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