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London Architect to Audio Architect with Crestron Control

I have a couple BLU-80's that are running a london architect programan are being controlled by a Crestron controller. I have redone the program in Audio Architect and changed all of the HiQNET addresses to match the HiQNET addresses in the London program. When I ran the Audio Architect file, the Crestron controller didn't change anything.

Is this possible without having to reprogram the Crestron controller or do I need to check other settings in the Audio Architect program?


  • Add a 3rd party controller to the AA file, if you have not already done so, then check the string contents of whatever it is you want to control and compare that string to whatever the crestron box is sending out.

    I'll bet they are different.
  • Is the IP address the same for the Blu-80? as well check the port # , did you check all HiQ addresses as there would be one for the processor as well as for each processing block.
  • wadshradwadshrad Posts: 9
    Hi David,

    The strings generated by the Crestron driver module are different from those generated in AA.

    The Crestron driver module worked fine with LA but ti would appear something may have changed with the firmware used for AA.

    Can we expect an updated driver module at some stage?

  • Nothing has changed with Soundweb devices between LA and AA.
    The Crestron modules from BSS will produce the same strings as those generated in AA or LA.
    There are Crestron 3-Series modules available on the BSS website Downloads page.
    If in doubt, contact BSS technical support.
  • I have a really nice framework that handles subscriptions and such using the older 2-series modules. I am looking to program a BLU-100 using Audio Architect as I realize LA won't be around forever.

    Is there an advantage to making a new framework using the new 3-series Crestron modules, or will the older 2-series modules work just fine?

    I have been using the 2-series modules without problem on 3-series processors, but those were with LA designed units.
  • There is no advantage whatsoever. The series 2 modules will work just fine.
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